Rules and Regulations

General Rules:

1. 85% attendance is mandatory. In case of emergencies like natural calamities, illness, social disturbances attendance is condoned. However absence on medical grounds has to be supported by a medical certificate.
2. Students suffering from contagious diseases and need isolation should remain at home till the doctor certifies their fitness to attend school.
3. If the students knows well in advance that he/she need to take leave for any purpose then the leave letter must be submitted to the class teacher well in advance or a verbal information should reach the class teacher in advance.
4. If students represent our school to participate in inter-school sports and cultural activities and NCC camps they are given attendance. Their absence is marked as OOD (On Official Duty) in the attendance register.
5. For any outstation deputation of students, parents have to give their written consent along with an undertaking to jointly share responsibility.
6. The school reserves the right to suspend/dismiss a student on grounds of irregular attendance, disobedience to teachers or for any other objectionable behavior displayed inside the school premises or elsewhere.
7. Relatives and friends of a students are not allowed to visit them during school hours without prior permission of the Head Master.
8. During vacation Railway/Bus concessions can be availed only for the place of residence declared in the admission form.
9. Duplicate Progress Report Cards will be issued on payment of Rs. 10/- in case of loss or tampering of it.
10. Parents are requested to monitor the academic progress of their wards periodically and contact the teachers concerned/school whenever necessary.

Laboratory Rules:

1. The students should strictly follow the safety rule of the laboratory.
2. The student should come prepared with the theoretical Knowledge of experiments which they have to perform in Laboratory.

Library Rules:

1. All Students of the school are members of the library.
2. Strict discipline and silence are to be observed in the library.
3. A student from class IV to X can borrow one book and XI & XII can borrow two books at a time.
4. Library books can be issued and returned during working hours of the library.
5. Student can borrow the books for 15 days.
6. Library books should be properly maintained and returned on the due date.
7. Marking, Underlining, Cutting and erasing or tearing pages of the books are strictly prohibited and liable to be penalised if the Librarian detects any such damage to the library books.
8. Textbooks, Reference books, Journals and Periodicals are to be read in the library only. Those are not meant for home issue.
9. The librarian may recall a book at any time in case of urgency.
10. Library books are to be deposited atleast one week before leaving the station or any break and one month before any vacation.
11. A 'No Due Certificate' for each student is to be obtained from the Librarian while withdrawing any student from the school and before issuing progress card at the end of the academic year.​​​​​​​