A Pre-School Centre in Demonstration School (DMS) was started on 2nd June 2011. This is the first of its kind started in DMS campus based on the initiative of NCERT New Delhi. The Pre-School Education programme provides opportunities and experience that lead to the Child's all-round development including Physical, Intellectual, Social and Emotional in a well equipped enviros. It also takes care of health and nutritional aspect of the child. It plans to provide rich and stimulating environment where a child can freely speak, listen, interact, expressing itself in the verbal or non-verbal form. It can also play, experience and explore physical and social realities. It is a 5days a week programme. The intake per class is 25 students. The mode of selection for admission is Computer Aided Random Selection Programme. The reservation of seats is as per the constitution of India. Dr.Kalpana Venugopal is the Co-ordinator.

List of staff members
1. Mrs. Sangeetha B. - NST
2. Mrs. Shreedevi K. - NST

Supporting Staff
1. Ms. Pallavi S.
2. Ms. Mary