Department of Education (DE)

The Department of Education (DE) has under its fold:

1. Population Educational Cell.

2. Educational Technology (ET) Cell, and

3. Psychology Laboratory.

The department provides training inputs into the pre-service teacher education programmes to meet the professional education components. All faculties specialized in the areas of educational psychology, educational technology, health and physical education, art education, population education, curriculum and evaluations, school management, teaching skills and strategies and teaching of physical science, biological science and mathematics.

The department organizes in-service teacher training programmes for educational functionaries at various levels in the region. The department also undertakes major responsibilities in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of centrally sponsored programmes such as the Programmes of Mass Orientation of School Teacher (PMOST), the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), the National Population Educational Programmes (NPEP) and the District Primary Education Programme (DPEP).

Several individual and collaborative research projects are undertaken by the faculty in the areas of population education, teacher education, educational technology, science education, mathematics education, special education, education of the scheduled tribes, women’s education and educational psychology.

Most of its faculty members are recognized by the University of Mysore for guiding doctoral research leading to Ph.D. in education and are currently engaged in guiding doctoral students in several areas of research.

The department has a fully Psychology laboratory for imparting training in conducting experiments in psychology and developing the skills required for administering and interpreting psychological tests of different kinds. The Laboratory provides support to the research activities undertaken by its faculty members and extend guidance and counseling services.

Special Education is one of the thrust areas of Institute. In-service teachers education programmes for school teacher are offered by the department for the education of children categories of disabilities. Several instructional, diagnostic research activities are undertaken in the area of special education.

Educational Technology Cell (ET Cell):

The Institute has a well equipped Educational Technology cell (E T Cell) to lend relevant technological support to the ongoing instructional activities as well as the in-service education programmes. It has a rich library of educational films, film-strips, video recording and audio cassettes besides the requisite hardware. There is TV viewing room to watch telecasts / video Playbacks of educational programmes. Educational Technology is a course component of the pre-service teacher education programmes of the Institute.

The ET Cell has a modern audio studio with a spacious recording room and other production facilities. The studio is required with 3 console tape recorders, an 8 channel mixer unit and a mobile tape recorder for outdoor recording. The functions of the audio studio are:

1. To provide audio resource support to the pre and in-service training programmes of the college.

2. To train educational functionaries in educational technology with a view to developing technical manpower, and

3. To develop prototype audio educational software for wider dissemination in school and training establishments.

The E T Cell has developed more than 400 audio programmes in the areas of language teaching value education, child psychology, astronomy, guidance and counseling, etc., for use by students, teacher and teacher trainers. The Cell undertakes collaborative projects with the states in the region for curriculum based audio cassettes which are subsequently distributed to the beneficiaries by the states.

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