Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM)


V. S.Prasad-new

Dr. V.S.Prasad

Professor & Head

   The Department of Education in Science and Mathematics (DESM) is an assemblage of departments of basic Science, Applied Science and Computer Application. It comprises of five sections in basic Science, namely :

1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Mathematics
4. Botany
5. Zoology

The Applied Science wing comprises of the department of Technology, Agriculture and Computer Application lab.

Most of the members of the academic faculties of DESM have doctorate degree in their subject areas from reputed institutions / universities which are know for pioneering research in Science. The faculties, besides undertaking research in basic Science, have established a strong base in research and innovative practices in Science Education. All the section have very well equipped laboratories with modern equipment and facilities for effectively carrying out the practical components of the M.Sc.Ed. and B.Sc.B.Ed. course. The departments of Botany and Zoology maintain well represented museums with rare and unique specimens, an animals house and a green house.

Fulfilling the pre-service teaching requirements of the M.Sc.Ed. and B.Sc.B.Ed. courses is one of the important functions of DESM. Students are given rigorous training in their subjects areas and also in methodology of teaching Science subjects at the secondary school level.

The departments is continuously engaged in improving the quality of Science Education in school. It coordinates, design and prepare low cost teaching aids for use in classroom. There is a good collection of teaching aids prepared by students/teacher in the department.

The department periodically undertakes training of in-service teacher both at the secondary and higher secondary levels for teacher of the southern states, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Novodaya Vidyalaya, school run by the Railway board, etc. The faculty members often participate are resource persons in several enrichment /pedagogic programmes organized by national and international agencies. Several members of the DESM have been associated with the preparation of textbook, supplementary materials, teacher’s manuals, etc., For the NCERT as well as the state government. Many books are in use currently all over the country.


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